Excuse my face, but I wanted to show you…I’m normal…ish!!! Yes, the buttons on Henry’s top aren’t done up, ask me if I care? I do not. I’m just glad we both got dressed that day!

For the next step of our journey listening to Elton John is optional, but highly recommended. I’m Rebecca and this is my blog of ramblings about being a first time Mum (FTM) a stay at home Mum (SAHM) suffering the bullshit that is Post natal depression (PND) and anxiety… oh and IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) just for shits n gigz *sigh* 14128909_297506243939146_1066946877_n

I’m hoping to reach out to Mothers (Dads welcome too) on a real level. Cut the bollocks and just spout/ramble pure honesty. Being a mother exposes you to new things on a daily basis. I’m only 11 months in with my son Henry and dear Christ,  it’s a minefield!!!!
You need to enlist some damn good mummy friends, a secret Facebook group… Pssssst…(Shout out (SO!) to the UK Mums of November 2015!!) is also VITAL! So, buckle in as shit is going to hit the fan…and your bed sheets…at 2am and you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. We laughed…bed-poohappy

Now, pour yourself a glass of something that’s made from grapes… you know… because today ends in a ‘y’… and let’s get started!

Stay positive,

Rebecca & Henry x